angry woman trying to brush out tangles in her bleached curly hair

Are Tangles Getting the Best of Your Hair?

How to avoid tangles in the hair? Here are some tried and proven tips for you. 

Are you fed up by having to clear the knots you create every time you comb? Do you want to get rid of those tangles that naturally seem to form in your hair overnight? I know how frustrating and tiresome it can be to force life into your hair after pulling apart those knots... only to find those damn knots back. Your first instinct might make you want to jump on any straightener to straighten up this mess.

But this is not the recommended solution. So what should you do? It is unfair to endure a bunch of damaged when you have many options to escape from this. For that purpose, you can use a better quality detangler spray, which not only has a fabulous aroma but also clear up your knots.

A woman should never compromise when it comes to her hair. Healthy, shining hair is exactly what you need for that feeling of completeness and confidence. Suppose you are having a full makeup and getting ready for any event. You are dressed and ready to go, until you realize that your very hairs are looking like a mess.

Your not so beautiful up-do can completely steal the light away from your otherwise perfect outfit and makeup. You don't have enough time even for crying over this mess. So what instant solution should you use? Here's just the thing. Apply a few spritzes of detangler spray! It works on both dry and damp hair. So easy, right?


Tangles can be a big issue for some.

Tangles typically come when you have dry and brittle hair. When cuticles, the outer layer of hair, are damaged, it causes friction and your hair to get entangled with each other.

If you have smooth and shiny hair, then these knots might not be a big deal for you. But if you have damaged or textured hair, either wavy or curly, you might be exhausted with this routine battle with hair knots. Tangles might also mean it is time to trim the hair for some of us.

Let's get real. Combing out knotty hair frustrates me so much! Knotty hair can make you do crazy things like I did myself. Back in the days, when I was studying in a college. Being a lazy person, I used to wake up always at the last moments. 

I quickly washed up my face, brushed my teeth (I never skip this even if , ehm ehm), changing clothes, gulping down some food, and picking my things up. I can somehow manage to do this all in five minutes. But the thing that bothers me the most is brushing my messy hair. It's like a chore for me. I had a long mane reaching below my back. Long hair is notorious for tangles. And honestly speaking, I got a short haircut up to my shoulders to get rid of those silly knots.

I didn't even scold myself for that blunder I made to my hair. I deserved short hair as I didn't take care of them at that time. But now I feel like how come I did that if we have plenty of options to detangle the hair effortlessly. 

 We were coming back to our topic on how to avoid detangling of hair. You should follow the given tips that are suggested by a hairstylist Kendall Dorsey.

Use the right hairbrush.

Hairbrush can play a vital role in removing tangles efficiently. Small tooth combs and tail combs may help but depending on hair type, it may not settle up your knots quickly and without breakage. I prefer wide tooth and paddle brushes, which are more comfortable and handle your hair more efficiently.

Brush your hair in an organized way:

Start brushing from ends instead of roots. Tangled hair becomes messier and worsens when you start from the roots. That's the common mistake we make often. If someone has weak and fragile hair, she can get a big chunk of broken hair.

Take your time and divide your hair into various sections depending upon your hair type and length. It will require some extra time but is necessary for avoiding hair breakage.

You have plenty of options out there.

Your hair tangles more often if you have rough and dry hair. That means you need to pay attention to the moisturizing and cleansing of your hair. You can try out various products available today, e.g., sprays, creams, oils, etc. For that purpose, many detanglers have such ingredients, which can provide you with a frizz-free look and bring back lost hydration and moisture.

Make your hair healthy:

You are more prone to hair breakage if you color treat your hair. For that, too, you need a highly moisturizing and nurturing detangler's spray. You should also use products that have a pro-vitamin formula. So you can enjoy healthy, silky, and smooth hair.

At times, you should also apply oil mainly at the scalp. Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil are incredibly beneficial. Spend 20 minutes under a hair steamer, so your oil absorbs well at roots. If you don't have access to a hair steamer, simply plastic wrap your head to increase the amount of heat.

Some other tips to lessen tangling:

  1. If you already have knots and go to take a bath before brushing your hair, you will get more intertwisted and messier hair. So another pro tip is to comb your hair before getting it wet. Wet hairs are more fragile, and they tend to break more easily. Needless to conclude the point, don't comb damp hair. Clear all the tangles before taking a bath.
  2.  Many of us sleep like crazy dudes, so our hair got more knots while we are sleeping. It is better to make a low bun tighten up with soft elastic.  Silk pillows are also adored by many. They are not only smooth but also good for both your skin and hair. You can even try silk bonnets or head covering caps at night.


That's all for a guide to avoiding hair tangles. A detangler spray removes all knots with ease. You can check out our product naming The Milk-Licious Leave-In Detangler Spray. This detangling spray will not only clear up the knots. But it will also provide ultra-conditioning and moisture, which will allow your brush to glide through it effortlessly. Do check out this product here. Take care of your hair! It's the crown you never take off.

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