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Hair loss and baldness are common conditions affecting both men and women. They are caused by various factors including physiological conditions, emotional and physical stress, lack of nutrition, hormonal imbalances, and certain medications. In Indonesia, herbal hair tonics have gained popularity due to their lower potential for side effects compared to synthetic alternatives such as Minoxidil. Green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis L) contain flavonoids, which have been shown to increase hair growth rates. In one study, 2.5% green tea extract in hair tonic preparations was found to be more effective at promoting hair growth compared to 2.5% Minoxidil. Another study demonstrated that green tea polyphenols had a positive effect on hair growth in bald rats, with 33% of mice treated with the extract showing significant hair growth over 6 months. To obtain the flavonoids from green tea leaves, a partition extraction method using n-hexane, ethyl acetate, and water was utilized to separate the flavonoids from other compounds based on their level of polarity.

This study describes a method used to test the effects of various test solutions on the hair growth of rabbits. The rabbits' backs were divided into seven areas and treated with different solutions, including an ethanolic extract, water fraction, and ethyl acetate fraction, as well as negative and normal controls. The test solutions were applied twice a day for 28 days, and the length, growth rate, and weight of hairs were measured at various intervals. This study presents a systematic and methodical approach to understanding the impact of different substances on hair growth in rabbits. No animal was ever mistreated.

This study on hair growth promoting activity shows that various treatments have a positive impact on rabbit hair growth. The results indicate that at week 4, the 4% water fraction had the most significant increase in hair length compared to other treatments. Furthermore, hair weight was measured, and the results show that the treatment with the 4% water fraction had a slight impact on hair thickness. Overall, this study highlights the potential for different treatments to enhance hair growth and thickness in rabbits.

*Corresponding author : Partomuan Simanjuntak

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