7 Super Tips For Healthy Hair That Will Allow You To Adopt Any Hairstyle

7 Super Tips For Healthy Hair That Will Allow You To Adopt Any Hairstyle

TV ads of healthy hair are exaggerated, much EXAGGERATED. How can one get such smooth, silky, long, tangle-free, and shiny hair just by applying a particular hair product? Those models appearing in a specific TV ad seems like a dream and alien to me. 

Well, I am not saying that smooth, shining, long hair mane is not achievable. But how does a single product or shampoo do the trick? That's beyond my senses. Whenever I ask anyone for tips or search on Google, "How to have healthy hair?" There comes a never-ending list of tips and methods to do so. I went through all and selected some of the information that I am going to mention below:


Tips for healthy hair:

Healthy and smooth hair is a dream of every girl, even boys. Who else won't want silky, healthy, and adorable hair! There are many natural and artificial methods one can consider if she wants lovely hair. And that requires an effort, of course. Nothing can be accomplished without paying the price. 

"Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort" -Theodore Roosevelt.

But I won't state any complicated and unachievable ways to get healthy hair. It's just a healthy lifestyle and good habits that can settle many things right in our lives. So here we go with our tips:

1. Wash your hair regularly but not too often.

Depending upon the environment around you and the nature of your hair, you can decide how often you should wash your hair. If you live in cities or your surroundings are polluted, you might require to wash your hair more frequently than an average person. 

Washing your hair after a day or after 2 to 3 days is completely fine if you don't have much dust around. But this period shouldn't be so long that your hair gets dirty. Oily hair can be washed daily. But dry hair shouldn't be washed daily.

Can shampoo hair daily has any harm?

Shampoo removes oil and dust particles off your hair. If you use it more often, it can also withdraw your hair's oil and harms your hair. So persons having dry hair can't afford a daily wash up with shampoo.

2. Use chemical-free shampoo

We have a wide variety of shampoos nowadays. And it is hard to choose the best product. Everyone has different hair needs. So it would be best if you decided which suits you the best. However, we could tell you what not to choose.

Shampoos have sulfates and parabens in them, which can be dangerous. Sulfates are used to cause lathering, but it may cause skin itching. And those parabens can cause some hormonal irregularity. So avoid those shampoos having these ingredients.

3. Oil your hair before shampoo

Natural remedies have their upper hand no matter what the case is. Today we have made a lot of hair care products. But still, the importance of natural oils can't be denied. Applying oil and a gentle massage in your hair is so heavenly feeling.

Use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, whatever you like, before taking a bath for a couple of minutes or slightly more. Then wash your hair. It will give a radiant and healthy look to your hair and will also repair the damaged hair. You can spend 20 minutes under a hair steamer so that the oil can absorb well. You can even just plastic wrap your head to give an additional heat lock.

4. Condition your dry hair properly.

If you have dry and rough hair, you should give extra care to make them healthy and silky. Wavy and curly hair is mostly dry; it is just because of the texture that they have. For that purpose, you need to have a moisturizing and good quality conditioner. Apply it at the ends, not at the roots or scalp, and it doesn't need a conditioner. Then rinse with water. This will protect your hair from decoloration due to UV rays and dust.

5. Avoid hot showers and blow-drying.

Hot water can remove natural oils from your hair and can leave them brittle. It can cause more hair shedding.

If you already have dry hair, then blow-drying your hair might make things worse. It can lead to brittleness, dryness, dullness, and breakage of hair. 

Therefore, air drying and towel drying is the best way. But don't rub your hair too hard with a towel. You can wear an old T-shirt to remove extra water.

So avoid making your hair come in contact with heat or hot objects. If you must have to use a hair straightener or blow dryer, limit it to main events and functions.

6. A healthy diet leads to healthy hair.

Drink a lot of water. Drink at least two litters. It directly links with your hair growth. Drinking more strengthens hair and improves its growth. Moreover, hydrated hair tends to have a dandruff-free scalp.

I reiterate that what you consume is showed off from your health, whether physical or of hairs. Eat a meal having proteins and iron in it. 

Your body first consumes the useful elements then pass them to hair. If you do not have a balanced diet, the hair will suffer first as they are not necessary for survival.

7. Some more suggestions:

  • Use a wide-toothed and comfortable brush. It will reduce hair breakage and detangles your hair with ease.
  • Trim your hair a little after every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid split ends at the bottom.
  • Don't take stress; it can cause hair fall and even do damage to your health. Try to sort out your problem instead of worrying.


If you have fine, smooth, shiny, and healthy hair, you can pick up any hairstyle. You can mold them, make a bun, ponytails, top knots, or choose any braided style. You can leave them free. It seems like the dreamy hairs we have wished for now belongs to us. 


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