6 Natural Remedies for a Healthy Scalp: The Root of Healthy and Pleasing Hair

6 Natural Remedies for a Healthy Scalp: The Root of Healthy and Pleasing Hair

Tips for a Healthy Scalp: The Root of Healthy and Pleasing Hair

You are all set for a rock performance, and you have decided to carry a funky hair updo but when tried this updo skin beneath the hair is visible, and unfortunately, that visible dry skin is not going well with your overall look. On the other hand,  imagine a different scenario where you are going to join a marriage ceremony of your very closest friend. You are wearing a wine-red gown, and you plan to set your hair free to add more appeal to your appearance. But those snowflakes of dandruff on your shoulder have decided to ruin your runway walk. Doesn’t it feel like a horror movie? Scalp-related problems like itchy skin, irritation, dandruff or thinning hair are nightmares for those of us who suffer with these issues. The value and appeal that a healthy, strong and fabulous head of hairs add to our day can not be substituted by any other external effort.

The scalp needs care and attention just like any other part of our body, but we tend to turn a blind eye to our scalp just because it happens to be a part which remains mostly hidden. Sure, our scalp doesn't get the direct exposure to the world or onlookers but scalp care should not be so underrated when it comes to proper body care. Just because your scalp doesn't get the same chances to flaunt its beauty, it still holds the power to wreck your evening’s appearance with the wrong updo in place. Hair fall, dandruff and dirty hair have the potential to create a blunder and distort your appearance.

How to get a healthy and dandruff-free scalp? How to moisturize your scalp? How to get rid of other scalp-related diseases and problems? Many TV commercials advertise for promoting health care products but the number of scalp care products seems almost negligible. Let's search for the answer. Let's start our journey to get a healthy scalp and growing hairs.

Treatment through Natural Remedies for Scalp Care: 

I usually don't recommend chemicals for beauty practices. Natural ingredients have its own unmatchable beauty; the best thing about natural products is that they usually don’t cause unexpected side effects. For maintaining the health of the scalp, you can seek out the following tips and ingredients in your products:

  1. NEEM LEAVES: Boil neem leaves in water and apply it to the scalp. Neem leaves have an antibacterial and antifungal property that is known to be able to cure scalp problems.
  2. LEMON JUICE: Directly apply the lemon juice to the scalp a few minutes before shampooing; it has vitamin C that is really good for human skin. Its acidic and antimicrobial properties fights fungus and tightens the follicles, which prevents dandruff.
  3. FENUGREEK SEEDS: Soak fenugreek seeds into water then make a paste of it and apply to the scalp. It is a natural remedy for dandruff, lice, balding and dry hair. 
  4. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Apple cider vinegar is an unfailing remedy for dandruff, but it has very low pH value which is what makes it such a strong acid. Before applying to the scalp, you need to dilute it with water. 
  5. ALOE VERA: Aloe Vera moisturizes skin and also helps damaged skin to heal fast. Apply Aloe Vera Juice or Aloe Vera pulp to the scalp and leave it for 60 min before rinsing off and washing.
  6. TEA TREE OIL: Tea tree oil is good for face, neck, scalp and every other part of the skin. In addition to maintaining scalp health, tea tree oil also boosts hair growth.

5 Ways to have a Healthy Scalp Care

We put lots of time and effort into skincare, but most of us avoid taking proper care of our scalp. To grow a tree, you pour water on soil, which we mix with fertilizer, and then we plant seeds in the soil. Same goes with your hair if you want healthy hair, then you need to give more attention to your scalp health. Here are some tips for scalp care: 

  1. EXFOLIATION: We scrub our faces to clean dirt and remove extra oil to prevent acne from forming; the same treatment is actually required for the scalp as well. There are many scalp scrubs available in the market to serve this purpose.
  2. SAY NO TO HOT SHOWERS: hot water removes natural oil from the scalp and makes it dry. So, opt for luke warm water for your hair and skin instead of hot water.
  3. OILING: for moisturizing scalp perform a moderate massage of your head with oil once a day.
  4. MOISTURIZING: - There are plenty of shampoo and conditioners available in the market. Find the right  combination for your scalp. 
  5. SERUM: - Hair serum oils benefit your scalp and hair in many various ways. Hair serum can help to prevent split ends, unlock tangled hairs, nourish and shine hair, and boost scalp health.


The beauty of long, shiny, voluminous hair is undeniable. When someone with beautiful hair takes a turn, her eyes seem like they are dancing. When a woman with healthy hair unties her hair, she leaves everyone in awe. Having healthy hair is everyone’s ideal. What can you do to grow the healthiest hair you can?

  1. Take a Supplement: vitamin E and vitamin C helps to boost hair and scalp health. You can apply the extract of these vitamins to the scalp, or you can take supplements orally for getting healthier and stronger hair.
  2. Healthy Diet: omega-3 rich foods are best for hair and skin. Omega-3 is naturally occurring in fish, nuts and seeds. Eat properly and nutritiously. Being sure to consume the proper diet and vitamins will help your hair grow healthily from the roots onward.
  3. Haircare: when times are busy, we often only think about the health of our hair when it’s time to head to the salon or when it is already too late. Don’t treat your hair like going to the dentist. You should be taking care of your hair all along, so don’t neglect it. 

We flaunt our attire, our glowing skin, our beautiful figure, and we should be flaunting our hair. It isn’t about how blessed we are to have this or that hair. It’s about being a woman who takes care of herself from the inside out and our outer appearance is just a reflection of our efforts. Let your scalp breathe and get the care and attention it deserves. A wonderful scalp and hair treatment serum is Camellia’s Dream Wonder Drops. Specifically designed for scalp health and hair growth, wonder drops hair growth oil is your scalp treatment and hair boosting serum in one. With ingredients known to stimulate hair growth and encourage a healthy scalp, wonder drops only requires the smallest amount of application while producing the realest results. 

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