Wonders of Turmeric for Your Hair

Wonders of Turmeric for Your Hair

Turmeric, also known as “the queen of spices,” is an herb that has a number of benefits. It has anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is well known around the world for its marvelous healing properties.


Turmeric is beneficial not only for skin but hair as well. As it provides glow to your skin, giving it a fresh, healthy look. In the same way, it helps your hair grow and become shiny. Turmeric heals the damage of your skin as well as your hair. We understand how badly you want clear and fresh skin, but don't you want strong, thick, and shiny hair? If yes, then this article will help you in choosing from the best options out there available for you. 


People tend to use turmeric in cooking as a spice, but today, we will tell you about the benefits that turmeric has for your hair. All our products include this vital ingredient that is super beneficial for your hair.


There are a number of options available in the market to repair your dead, dry hair, but will you take that risk? Often you must make choices among the best products, but how will you know what is best for you? All you need to do is to look up for the ingredients of that specific product. Yes, there you will find the answer to this difficult question. Products containing vitamins, turmeric, aloe barbadensis leaf juice and much more are indeed the best ones. It may be time consuming but knowing exactly what you’re putting in your hair is worth the time spent.



Turmeric is a natural stimulator, as it increases hair growth, which is why we have added turmeric in all our products. When follicles are blocked by excessive oil, it causes itching. This leads to hair shed and slow hair growth. 

Turmeric helps your hair grow at a fast pace. It opens up the clogged follicles that are weakening your roots. By adding a spray or cream that has turmeric in it helps you open up these pores and increase the hair growth. The added turmeric in our products acts as a booster for hair growth. 

Just as castor oil acts as a natural stimulator, in the same way, turmeric does. It gives a boost to your hair growth by acting as a stimulator. Everything needs a stimulator to work properly, so giving your hair the best stimulator is what you can do. You can add our hair products that contain turmeric in your daily routine for better results. 




The added turmeric in Camellia’s Dream’s products consists of fibres and necessary vitamins that help in fast hair growth. Now, the problem is that you can’t apply turmeric masks on your hair and wait for hours. Time is limited and you need a readymade solution that is quick and simple to use without spending so much time using it. You can buy hair creams, sprays or serums that are enriched with turmeric. But it isn't necessary that you find all the good qualities in one product and for that, you need to buy more products. So, it is better to look for a product that consists of all the vital ingredients required for healthy hair.



Turmeric helps to reduce the dandruff of your skin. It rescues your scalp from dandruff because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to fight against Seborrhoea, a scalp condition in which scales or patches are formed on the scalp, which may lead to temporary or permanent hair loss if not treated well. 

The inflammation caused by bacteria or fungi that weakens the hair of your scalp is kicked by turmeric because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. You can directly apply turmeric to your scalp by mixing it with different ingredients like a mask. But don't you find a spray or a serum a better option than this? 




Losing hair or noticing hair loss is never a good feeling. Either there is something lacking in your diet, or the products we use nowadays are not of good quality. People are facing hair loss and balding issues worldwide. Out of every ten people, two are bald or have less hair than they are accustomed to having. People have switched to hair transplants instead of using products that may help them get their shiny, thick hair back. 

They can look for the best solutions for them. They can either go for home remedies of masks etc. or can buy products that are rich in vitamins, oils or other such ingredients. Turmeric helps to reduce hair fall by reducing dandruff in your scalp by saving your scalp from bacterial or viral attacks. Keeping in mind this anti-inflammatory property of turmeric, we have added it in our products. 

When you have an itchy scalp, that surely means that your hair isn't doing well. Your scalp is the nourishing source provider of your hair just like a plant. Suppose you give water to the stems instead of roots than how on earth, you believe that the stem will grow faster. No, it will not because when you water the roots, only then your plant will grow. So, applying products rich in turmeric will help your scalp get healthy and will save you from baldness.



Camellia’s Dream products all consist of this amazing ingredient. So whether you need Wonder drops, Wonder Edges, or The Milk-Licious Leave in-Detangler spray, you can get the benefit of turmeric that helps in making your hair shiny, smooth, strong, thick and dandruff free. 

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